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PostSubject: Toogr82h8 App   Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:07 pm

Q1: What is your Playstation Network ID? BAMF_Toogr82h8

Q2: How old are you? (Doesn't matter if you are 13) 26 years

Q3: Favorite guns? RPD, SCAR, BARRETT

Q4: Have you gone through any prestige? 2nd Prestige lvl 26 (probably be in the 40's and beyond by tomorrow)

Q5: Zone: North America

Q6: What is your time zone? Easter

Q7: How many hours a day can you be active on the website and the in-game? Can check the site daily and play pretty much everyday for about 2 hours or more

Q8: Last Question, how may our Administrators contact you? Email would be ideal (check in on my phone often)
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Toogr82h8 App
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